Why Exercise at Home ?

It’s no secret that exercise leads to a variety of health benefits, both mentally and physically. Here are some simple advantages from a home workout routine;

  • Improves Mood – Exercise has been proven to help with mood by producing changes in the parts of the brain that regulate stress and anxiety. Exercise also increases the production of endorphins, a hormone known to improve mood, increase positivity and reduce the feeling of pain.
  • Reduces Risk of Obesity and Disease – Keeping active can help with weight loss and reduce the risk of obesity. Regular exercise not only promotes weight loss, but also reduces the risk of developing serious health conditions like diabetes or heart disease.
  • Develops Strong Muscles and Bones – Exercise plays a vital role in developing and maintaining strong muscles and bones. As we age, our muscle mass and function tend to deteriorate which can lead to injury or disability. Maintaining an active lifestyle is essential to reducing muscle and strength loss.
  • Helps with Relaxation and Sleep – Sleep is an issue many people struggle with and regular exercise can help to eliminate this. The energy depletion from exercise stimulates recuperative processes during sleep which improves the quality of sleep.